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The new Dolores Tuna “to go” containers they're really ready to go!

True, our new packaging has the Delicious Dolores® Tuna fully prepared

and ready to eat. That’s why it even includes a spoon.

Try them! Choose between tuna with corn and Tajin, and tuna salad with

veggies and mayo … they’re both delicious.


Tuna salad with vegetables

and mayonnaise..


Now, having to eat “something” when you’re on the go is a thing of the past. Because with the new Dolores® Tuna Salad with vegetables and mayo ready to enjoy, you can get the proteins you need on a delicious and healthy way. So, next time you’re running around you won't have to settle with whatever you find on your way.


Tuna with corn and Tajin


When you are on the run, bringing lunch with you now can be something that you may enjoy. Because Dolores® Tuna with corn and Tajin to go is more than a solution for a hectic life. It’s a way to get a delicious meal alway handy.

If you’ve tried you know what we’re talking about. If you haven’t, don’t wait! try it and enjoy it at home or on the go.


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