If you want to add lemon or vinegar to a salad with fresh veggies, put it on right  when you're going to serve it, to avoid having the lettuce wilt.

To get the lettuce to be crispy and fresh, you must put it in a container with water and lemon juice right before you use it.

Place potatoes in cold water for less than 30 min. before you fry to make the texture of the french fries even better.

Don’t use metal containers to mix salads. Use glass, wood, plastic or porcelain. This will avoid making vegetables hard or oxidized.

Place a paper towel or wet rag over the corn to get rid of the hairs that they may have

To make the same size meatballs use an ice cream scoop.

The color of your veggies won’t fade if you boil them with water and cover them, add salt until they are fully cooked.

 To avoid strong cauliflower smell when baking , add a slice of wheat bread to the bottom of the pot.

To avoid crying while you're cutting onions, place it inside the freezer for a couple of minutes first.

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